Eschweiler Products (Combi Line)

Combi Line

We present combi line the next generation of analysing systems: compact, easy and economical.

Forget all the other systems with a number of confusing keys and technical nonsense. With clear functionality the combi line is dedicated to serve you. In critical cases even seconds count. We follow this obligation. With its clear and easy handling the combi line provides fast and accurate results to give you the required informations for your further actions.

Quality measurements are basically depending on the quality of the sensors used and the calibration technology. Since more than 55 years we develop and produce relevant quality sensors. You can rely on our experience.

With our progressive liquid calibration technology the reliability is improved significantly. No external gas supply is required. You only need a power- supply to operate the analyser wherever you like.

The unlimited flexibility of our new concept is a big advantage for you. Choose only those parameters which are of interest for you - any combination out of 11 parameters is allowed. We save your money for unnecessary investments and costs for operation and maintenance of sensors which are not required.

Reducing running cost is a must everywhere. Our concepts for supporting you are: Seperate containers for the reagents. You can empty each container completely. With cartridges and reagentpacks you waste money as you have to replace the whole pack even if only one compartment is empty.

Choice of reusable sensors. You can easily replace the membrane at low cost. Maintenance-free sensors used with other brands are disposable parts and require to be replaced completely even if only the membrane is defective.

Combi Line

New generation of Biosensors for glucose and lactate determination in whole blood

Sensor chips based on thick-film technology combine:

  • reliable handling
  • high storage stability
  • small size
  • defined quality
  • high reproducibility
  • up to 1.000 analyses with one sensor
  • Sensors

    For more than five decades, the name ESCHWEILER has stood for high quality and reliability in blood gas and electrolyte sensors. ESCHWEILER sensors are distinguished by the precision of their measurement and their durability. Reduced patient care costs, replaceable premembraned cartridges - delivering even more compelling advantages in light of reductions in operating costs.


    Insert the needle or the capillary into the sample port, confirm, and the sample is automatically drawn into the sample chamber. A signal tone verifies that the chamber has been filled - remove the needle or capillary and the assay begins. In addition to the standard assay (with all sensors in operation), the combi line offers specialised test programs depending on sensor configuration. These programs enable selective measurement of blood gases and electrolytes. For daily quality control tests, the combi line includes a QC-test program


    The handling of samples is simple, safe and hygienic. Using capillaries, the specimen is aspirated automatically. For syringes the specimen is injected into the system until an acoustic signal confirms the filling. While the test is running, the values can already be tracked on the display as a trend. After completion of the test operation, the reported parameters are printed out by the built-in thermal printer.


    Integrated liquid calibration without gas cylinders or gas mixing device

    Combi line calibration solutions are delivered in foil packets - easy to handle and individually replaceable. Only completely used packets are replaced. Another way to reduce operating costs.

    Only four calibration solutions and a rinse solution are needed to operate the combi line's complete sensor configuration for analysis of blood gases and electrolytes.

    Units with the sensor combinations »Blood Gas« or »Electrolyte« may be operated with only two calibration solutions.


    Messured Parameter Range Resolution
    pO2 0 - 800 mmHg(SI-units selectable) 0,1 mmHg
    pCO2 5 - 200 mmHg(SI-units selectable) 0,1 mmHg
    pH 6,000 - 8,000 0,001 pH
    total-hemoglobin (tHb) 3 - 30 g/dl 0,1 g/dl
    barometric pressure 500 - 900 mmHg(SI-units selectable) 1,0 mmHg
    Na+ 100 - 200 mmol/l 0,1 mmol/l
    K+ 2 - 10 mmol/l 0,1 mmol/l
    pH 6,000 - 8,000 0,001 pH
    Ca++ 0,25 - 2,5 mmol/l 0,01 mmol/l
    Li+ 0,25 - 2,5 mmol/l 0,01 mmol/l
    CI- 80 - 200 mmol/l 1,0 mmol/l
    glucose 0 - 30 mmol/l 0,1 mmol/l
    lactate 0 - 20 mmol/l 0,1 mmol/l
    Input Parameters Range Resolution
    patient temperature 13 - 43 °C 0,1 °C
    hemoglobin (tHb) 0 - 30 g/dl (if not measured) 0,1 g/dl
    FIO2 15 - 100 % only relevant for AaDO2
    RQ 0,7 - 1,0 only relevant for AaDO2
    Calculated Prameter Range Resolution
    hydrogen ion conc. (H+) 10 - 1000 0,1 nmol/l
    actual bicarbonate(HCO3-A) 10 - 50 0,1 mmol/l
    standard bicarbonate(HCO3-S) 10 - 50 0,1 mmol/l
    base excess (BE) -25 - 25 0,1 mmol/l
    standard base excess(SBE) -25 - 25 1,0 mmol/l
    total CO2 (T CO2) 10 - 50 0,1 mmol/l
    buffer base (BB) 0 - 100 0,1 mmol/l
    O2 saturation of hemoglobin (OO2sat) 20 - 100 0,1 %
    O2 content or concentration (O2CT) 0 - 40 0,1 %
    partial O2-pressure at 50% O2-sat (P50) 10 - 50 0,01 mmHg
    alveolar to arterial oxygen-tension grade (AaDO2) 0 - 800 0,1 mmHg
    anion gap (A-GAP) 0 - 99 0,1 mmol/l
    SHUNT 0 - 50 0,1 %
    acid base status relevant diagnosis recorded on printer
    hematocrit (Hct) 0 - 100 % 0,1 %
    Data Output
    display illuminated, 15-lines LCD-display
    printer fast, low-noise thermoprinter
    interface RS 232
    specimen container capillary, syringe and others
    specimen material whole blood, serum, plasma / respiratory gas
    Electrical Data
    voltage 115 V resp. 230 V
    frequency 50/60 Hz
    ambient temperature 12 - 32 °C
    Dimensions / Weight + metabolites
    height 402 mm 402 mm
    width 285 mm 356 mm
    depth 432 mm 432 mm
    weight appr. 13 kg appr. 15 kg
    IEC 601-1
    EN 61010-1

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.