MMM Group Products

As one of the world's leading suppliers of sterile processing systems, MMM has been working actively to promote good health since 1954. With a full range of sterilization and disinfection products and services - that can be found in every branch of healthcare from hospitals and scientific institutes, to laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry - MMM, has over the years, consolidated its position as a pioneer of quality and innovation both in the German and international market.

The Company

In our two production facilities based in Stadlern, Germany, and Brno, Czech Republic, we manufacture products that meet the hightest demands of our customers world wide. The depth and precision of production standards at both plants ensures that we accomplish the rigorous quality requirements of medical engineering.

MMM realizes all-over solutions, ranging from detailed planning and consulting, products and software, installation, logistics and service, including process validation of all processes involved in sterile processing, up to the execution of extensive construction projects.

Our regional sales and service experts are in constant contact with our customers to ensure intensive project management. Our customers can rely on us to deliver a fast and perfect solution for their individual situation.

900 competent employees work together as a committed and enthusiastic team, dedicated to achieving the mission of the MMM Group: Protecting human health."